Please follow these rules below before making a pull request in the Gammapy recipes Github repository.

  • copy any of the existing folders in recipes and rename it as your own recipe

  • modify the env.yml file and specify your needed dependencies

  • remove the rest of the files other than env.yml

  • add your notebook, used .png images and any needed data not present in GAMMAPY_DATA

  • paste "tags": ["nbsphinx-thumbnail"] in the code cell metadata creating the thumbnail

  • make a pull request with your additions

  • wait for content integration pass


This repository is designed to be maintained in a minimal effort basis. Most changes should come from additions of recipes made as pull requests contributions, and passing CI tests deployed as Github actions. Maintainers should just accept and merge pull requests.

Specific commands

  • Rebuilding of the whole collection of recipes: python scripts/

  • Rebuilding of a specific recipe: python scripts/ --src recipes/folder

  • Building of Sphinx documentation: cd docs && python -m sphinx . _build/html -b html && cd ..

Renaming or removing existing recipes

In special cases when renaming or removing of a recipe is needed, please remove the old recipe folders and their content in the following places below.

  • docs/_static/notebooks

  • docs/notebooks

  • recipes